Building Effective Teams

  • Do your teams collaborate well today?
  • Are your teams creative, developing innovative solutions or products?
  • Do your team members feel satisfied with their results?

Organizations use teams (big and small), have different types of teams (functional and project based), and yet often teams (co-located or virtual) just don’t work! They can expend more energy, becoming a frustrating experience for members.


Building Effective Teams workshops look at these issues of coordination and motivation. We work with teams to help them realize their full potential success.

Your teams will benefit from our approach by:

  • Better understanding their areas of strengths and challenges
  • Knowing who the other members are, not just their existing roles and responsibilities, but the individual styles that contribute to the team’s success
  • Developing a compelling direction where accountability is the norm
  • Engaging in an “out of cube” experience with other team members
  • Learning it’s okay to ignite conflict and how to produce resolution, thereby creating opportunities for real team magic to occur.


Our team building process includes, along with group fundamentals and the dynamics, the following:

  • Team assessment profile measuring seven areas of team performance
  • Team member’s individual style profiles illustrating how they interact with others
  • Opportunities to be candid with one another while developing trusting connections
  • Understanding team direction, roles, and when clear boundaries benefit them
  • Initiating and managing conflict by understanding conflict modes and when to use them
  • Developing action plans for doing and growing
  • Experiencing real time feedback about their behavior

Workshops can be delivered in a series of full or half days. These sessions are designed to be experiential; enhancing self-awareness of team members. We custom tailor each session to meet specific team needs and goals.

In addition, we incorporate team coaching into the sessions and actual team meetings, offering real time feedback. Team coaching reinforces and firmly establishes team learning and skill building while affirming team development and progress.

Our staff includes:

Linda L. Brown, Ph.D. spent over 20 years in business before she earned her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She is a Gestalt Certified Coach and works with organizations and their leaders to develop more effective strategies for leadership, team dynamics, and organizational development, as well as Executive Coaching and psychological assessment. She is the owner of Partners for Organizational Success.

Janet L. Maurer, M.A. brings over 30 years of business experience in a variety of positions ranging from line assignments in sales, to staff roles in management and team management, to organizational development and training. Her passion is working with individuals and teams to discover their potential and achieve desired performance goals as an executive coach. She acquired her coaching certification from the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Coach Certification Program and is an International Coach Federation certified and a Board Certified Coach.

Linda Brown: or 440.667.7584
Jan Maurer: or 440.724.5576

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