Family-Owned Businesses


Is your family-owned business realizing its potential?

  • Are family members effectively leading the enterprise to meet future goals?
  • Are there generational differences affecting the operation of the business?
  • Does your business have a succession plan for future leadership?
  • How are family members’ careers determined? Are they ready or preparing to take on future roles?

Family-owned businesses operate much like any other businesses, yet contain the additional components of family dynamics including family values; the influence of the founder; generational considerations; unique financial issues among others.

Linda L. Brown, Ph.D. has worked with family-owned businesses, both large and small, and understands the added complexity that comes with combining business with personal familial relationships.

She has found these businesses often grapple with the following:

  • The Founder’s wishes and direction may not match those of other family members or generations
  • Roles family members play in the business may lack clarity or resolution
  • Thoughtful succession planning efforts and developing family members to contribute their talents most effectively to the business
  • Understanding the difference between a Great Owner and a Great Leader
  • Generational differences in values, goals, and expectations
  • Working with non-family members who are key to the business
  • Workforce loyalty to the family
  • Dealing effectively with conflict and the competitive nature of the entrepreneur spirit
  • And many others…

Linda’s work with family-owned business includes:

  • Assessing the organizational structure to determine areas of strength or in needs of change
  • Understanding the business values and goals, family member roles, and where clearer individual role definitions are advisable
  • Succession planning that fits the business, family members, and the changing needs of both
  • Career development planning for family members including in-depth assessment and coaching where needed
  • Finding or creating opportunities for family members and others to be candid with one another while maintaining or developing trust fostering their relationships
  • Skill building for managing and resolving conflict
  • Exploring generational differences so that the family and business can meet the varying expectations of each generation
  • Supporting the Founder or senior family member to recognize and ensure his or her legacy and goals endure to fit the changing nature of the business and the successors
  • Working with non-family members to help them work effectively in the business and realize their own goals.


Linda’s work is “custom made,” including the Client in each step of the process. This can consist of organizational consulting, individual assessments and coaching. Workshops can also be designed to address the needs of the Client.

Linda L. Brown, Ph.D., owner of Partners for Organizational Success, was a business leader for over 20 years before earning her Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Her extensive work with organizations and their leaders has resulted in effective strategies for leadership development, improved team dynamics, and robust organizational strategy. She is also an Executive Coach (Gestalt-certified) and expert in scientific, yet practical psychological and organizational assessment.

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