Q: We have a key employee who is somehow “stuck” or could use development in order to contribute effectively, build relationships, and grow in our organization. What do you recommend?
A: We always begin with a thorough understanding and assessment of the work environment and the individual him or herself. From here, we might recommend performance management, coaching, and/or 360° feedback.

Q: We’ve hired people that looked great, then after a while, something went awry and they aren’t meeting our expectations. What can we do to hire people that will perform as we had hoped?
A: What screening processes have you used in the past? Resumes, applications, interviews, reference checks? We will review your process and recommend valid and reliable tools such as testing, structured behavioral interviews, or a process redesign.

Q: We are thinking of reinvigorating our workforce to meet the new challenges we are facing today. Any ideas?
A: If you are interested in looking at a shift in your workforce’s orientation, we might recommend an employee opinion survey with and in-depth feedback and response action planning process. Enhanced talent management and employee or management development initiatives can also provide extra energy in your employee population.

Q: What if I want to recharge our leadership or other teams?
A: If you are focusing on a team or teams, we would consider a series of team development workshops, strategy workshop, organizational change efforts, and/or a review of your organizational structure.

Q: We have a number of senior people retiring in the next five years. How can we be sure that we have leaders who are prepared to take on the challenge of leadership or executive positions in the future?
A: Designing and implementing a succession planning processes that involve all key leaders is critical. This isn’t magic, but takes discipline and an objective look at the organization’s future, the talent in house at present, and where there are talent gaps. Implementing effective talent management and leadership development efforts is also key.

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