Professional Network

We design our consulting solutions based on our clients’ particular needs and situations, calling on the best professionals to match a project or assignment. Some of our partners are:
Dennis_Doverspike_phd  Dennis Doverspike, Ph.D.
Dennis is a national expert in selection testing and validation, who offers clients remarkable depth of knowledge and ideas in this area. He’s a brilliant researcher and professor who understands the “real world. “
 Jaqueline_McLemore_phd Jaqueline McLemore, Ph.D.
Jacquie has extensive business experience well as academic training in organizational behavior. Her executive roles in human resources, organization development in a Fortune 100 corporation, and as university administrator bring a unique background to her work.
 Janet_Mauer_MA Janet Mauer, M.A.
Jan has over 35 years professional experience working in a variety of line and staff positions from sales to sales training, from leading and managing teams to training and coaching executives in leadership and management skills.
kendra_smith  Kendall Smith, LISW-S
Kendall’s training and background in coaching, social services, and counseling extends beyond the conventional.  She blends her skills and talents using equine-based learning to help clients and business people develop more effective leadership, team, and interpersonal behaviors.


HR On Call, Inc.

HR On Call, Inc.
Having worked in human resources leadership positions at GE as well as in smaller organizations, Tom and Julia Herlevi started HR On Call in 1999 to provide full service, hands-on HR support to organizations that need these resources.
 center_org_research Center for Organizational Research (COR):
COR provides businesses and organizations with research-based solutions to organizational challenges. COR consultants bring a fresh perspective to any project, along with a genuine concern for the client.
 Robert_Taylor_PhD_Associates Robert Taylor, Ph.D. and Associates:
Robert and his team provide top notch “back room” support to employee survey on-line administration, results processing, and reporting. His services are best-in-class with exceptionally responsive support professionals.
pan Performance Assessment Network (pan) is the leading talent measurement solutions provider combining industry-leading technology with the world’s largest multi-publisher catalog of talent assessments.

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