Our work with Linda Brown and Partners for Organizational Success set out to help change a culture that struggled to adapt and respond the needs of our customers our customers.  The assessment, recommendations and guidance provided by Linda Brown became the foundation for these changes.  As a result our organization has made a seismic shift that has allowed the company to better respond to today’s challenges.
       Gary Giller, CEO of Katherine’s Collection, Inc.

I have worked with Linda as a partner at another high growth company and with Linda as a consultant at the Vitamix Corporation.  Linda has deep knowledge in her field and brings a broad background which enables her partners and customers to benefit from breadth of her experience. Linda focuses on developing a thorough understanding the customers’ needs, then researches the work that has been done and the current state, in order to develop a comprehensive proposal that  provides several options which enable her clients to tailor the approach to meet their specific needs.  Linda asks probing questions, listens well, does her homework and delivers.  She is simply a delight to work with.
       Dennis Armstrong
       Chief Human Resources Officer, Vitamix Corporation  

I have known and worked with Linda for nearly twenty years. The best way to describe Linda is that she is well-prepared, professional, attentive to detail, methodical, efficient, and always focused on the well-being of her client and the employees with whom she deals.  It has been a distinct pleasure to work with Linda and every member of her team of HR professionals.
       Chief Human Resources Officer, Automotive Aftermarket Industry Company

Our work with Linda Brown was aimed toward working with our customer support teams to help them meet their team goals and objectives. Linda guided each team to problem solve by communicating with respect and to acknowledge the importance of each team member’s role and job responsibilities. In doing this, Linda has given our customer support teams the training they needed to solve day-to-day problems together. Our customer support teams now have the ability to work together to reach our common goal of making our shipments on time and keeping our customers happy!
       President, Aerospace Industry Company

I am writing this as a strong endorsement of Linda Brown who has worked as a business coach with a number of my key employees over the last three years. The value Linda brings to the table from our perspective is well worth the resources – money and time – in improved employee performance and morale. She has a 100% success rate in helping each person develop; a number of them quite significantly. Her integrity in these situations is admirable and one of the reasons we work with Linda. Perhaps the most powerful endorsement I can provide is that we will to utilize her more frequently in the future as we grow.
       Fred Ode
       Founder and CEO, Foundation Software

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